Running Android Unit Tests before Git Push

This is a quick note about a Git hook I use to double check that everything is fine before pushing to our remote Git repo.

This covers a paranoid scenario, I know, but sometimes a refactoring can go wrong and lose pieces between production code and tests: every now and then, one of my tests goes out-of-sync and when I push to Github/CI, I get some silly error because of a typo somewhere. This trick will re-run every Unit Test when I give git push and will actually push only if tests pass.

The Script

Create a file named pre-push and place it in your_repo/.git/hooks . Be sure the file is executable: chmod +x pre-push

Copy this snippet into the file:

This uses ./gradlew clean test, but you can use ./gradle check or any other Gradle task you use to run your tests.


Git hooks are quite handy in lots of scenarios and there are plenty of them. Check out

Personally, I find pretty useful my pre-push hook and, obviously, lolcommits! 😀

Installing Git Cola on OSX

There are tons of Git GUIs out there, ready to be installed with a couple of clicks. However, over the years I have always used Git Cola because it seems to be the only one providing one specific feature I use very often:

Stage Selected Lines

Many GUIs provide only something like this:

Stage Diff Hunk

Hunks often are not small enough for my way of committing changes. I don’t like committing whole files or huge chunk of code. I prefer small commits: easy to review, easy to `git bisect` if something goes south, easy to `git cherry-pick` if necessary. I call them micro-commits and they are so radicated in my way of working that I simply cannot working without them.

Said that, Git Cola is a bit tricky to install on Mac OSX. Here are the necessary steps for you and future-me 🙂

Install MacPorts

Download and install MacPorts for El Capitan:

Install PyQT

Once you have installed MacPorts, you need to install PyQT. Fire up a Terminal and run:

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install py34-pyqt4

Install Git Cola

We got Python dependencies. We are almost there. A couple of commands more:

sudo pip install sphinx
brew install git-cola
git clone git:// && cd git-cola
rm -fr /Applications/ && cp -r /Applications

Done. We can now run cola from any folder containing a Git repo and the GUI will fire up.


Edit your ~/.bash_profile file and add the following line:

alias cola=’cola &’

This will start cola without locking the terminal.